I started studying digital forensics at the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida in 2016. I obtained my master’s degree in 2022 as part of my cybersecurity studies. Since July 2020, I’m also a member of the Database Group Mittweida. My main responsibilities involve taking care of infrastructural needs as well as helping in research and educational projects as best as I can.

My main interests revolve around programming languages of any kind, web technologies and standards and topics related to security on the world wide web. I find a lot of joy in taking deep dives into all kinds of software that gets deployed worldwide, understanding how they work, how to properly use and, sometimes, abuse them. In my pastime, I explore new attack vectors or work on small passion projects.

Have a look at my GitHub profile for a showcase of some of my work. Also feel free to have a look at Eulenbude which is my personal site where I occasionally publish miscellaneous things that I work on.