Open Theses (Bachelor and Master Theses)

We are currently offer the following topics for Bachelor and Master theses but are not limited to that. Feel free to contact us for more information about the listed topics or in case you are interested in other database related themes of your own or in close cooperation with industry partners.

Graph-based Data Management and Analytics

  • Preparation and Cleaning Algorithms of Leak Data Collections (hot topic)
    • Cleaning Data Sets containing the Officers
    • Cleaning Data Sets containing the Intermediates
    • Cleaning Data Sets containing the Entities
  • Analyzing publicly available Leak Data using Neo4J
  • Comparing Graph Patterns across different Leak Data Collections
  • Graph-based Preparation and Analytics for Forensic Cases using Neo4J
  • Analyzing Complex Relational Schemata using Metadata (e.g. derived from Information Schema) in Neo4J
  • Comparing Schema Metadata using Neo4J

Sensor Data Management and Analytics

  • Comparing Data Sets collected with Wearables worn in different Body Sites (left and right wrist, wrist and ankle, left and right ankle, …) (hot topic)
  • Recognizing different types of Activities based on Sensor Data
  • Developing a Decoder for FIT-File based Activity Data
  • Evaluating Parameter Sets for Aggregating Places based on different Location Structures
  • Visualization of GEO Positions and associated aggregated Sensor Data, e.g., with OpenStreetMap

Data Management of anthropological Samples (in cooperation with FoSIL – M. Heuschkel)

  • Generic Database Model for anthropological Samples, such as Bones etc.
  • Development of a Bone Ontology for the Annotation of anthropological Samples
  • Ontology-based Annotation of anthropological Artifacts (automatic Annotation Algorithms, Imputation Algorithms)

Fungi Data Management (in cooperation with FoSIL – A. Conradi)

  • Micro service based infrastructure for fungi database system
  • Management of fungus photos using a S3 like storage system
  • User service for fungus annotation
  • User service for annotation administration
  • Search fungi using annotations managed in ElasticSearch (hot topic)

Data Management in Blockchain Applications

  • Using Blockchain for Managing Medical (Sick) Certificates (hot topic)
  • Blockchain Application for managing medical recipes (hot topic)
  • Distributed Management of Identification Data using Blockchain Applications
  • Managing and Analyzing Perpetrator Data in Blockchain Applications

Metadata Management

  • Capturing and Managing File-based Metadata
  • Metadata in Patient Care and medical Research Projects
  • Metadata in Agriculture
  • Matching and Mapping of Metadata

IT Security

  • Potential attacks on docker infrastructures (hot topic)

SQL Validator

  • Extension of the existing system by further functionalities (checking of create, insert and drop statements, triggers, etc.) (hot topic)
  • Development of an SQL task pool including the implementation of the associated database (hot topic)


  • Web based user interfaces for several software applications
  • Server for in-house key management (PDF)

If you feel interested get in touch with us. Let’s discuss a topic of your choice!

Bachelor and Master Theses can be written in both, German and English. Using Latex to write the thesis is definitely a plus. We will strongly encourage and support students to use Latex for their thesis.

Moreover, we very like to work with free software such as programming languages Java, Python, and R. We strongly recommend Git as code versioning system and either GitHub or the HS Mittweida GitLab platform (internal use only) to host your project. We provide support for these programming languages, Git platforms and related free software tools.